Washer Necklaces

July 23, 2013

We have been having really bad luck with Pinterest finds lately. The Listerine manicure and pedicure soak did nothing more than turn my hands and feet slightly green. The vegetable oil I put on a vintage bowl to remove the sales sticker ended up taking off a good chunk of paint (but left sticker remnants behind). And the baking soda clay that we tried last week crumbled apart and cracked as it dried.

Luckily, this washer necklace project went well enough to get the memory of the other failed projects out of our heads. Probably because it was so so simple. We picked up different-sized washers from the hardware store and painted them with nail polish. When they dried, we added a coat of clear polish, and then strung them on some bakers twine and pretty crochet thread. It all worked just as it should, hurrah!

I am a big fan of vintage enameled jewelry, so I love how the nail polish gives the washers an enameled look. We used clear glitter polish to go over some of our designs for added sparkle, and then A. and I made coordinating beads with Sculpy to enhance our designs.

We've been doing so many jewelry crafts lately that the next thing we DIY is going to have to be something to put it all in. Any ideas?

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  1. Clever. These would make a great grandma gift or Christmas gift too.

    1. Very true! I'm going to remember that.

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